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Loading Art: Music

Loading Art - Music


LOGIN in the upper right hand corner of the site.


Rollover the word MY PLANET, with your cursor, on the grey menu & you will see a new RED Menu appear.


Pick the kind of Art you want to load from the selection: My Writing, My Gallery (images), My Music.



Loading Music:


Click on My Music, when the My Music box comes up roll you cursor over Add Item & the click on the Music button below it.


Begin filling in the form – Title is mandatory (as anything with an *). Fill in as many fields as you want – more is better as they will all be used for searches.


Under Media: when you hit the search buttons you will be able to browse your computer for the music file to add & for artwork (an image to go with the music) to add.  Select the file & click open & it will populate the field.


Under Meta – click yes to social bookmarks if you want people to be able to share this on Social Network sites like Facebook or Twitter.


Under Administration: click Yes to publish now, Yes to allow people to find this in a search on the site, Yes to allow people to comment on your Music & Yes to put it on the Music page.  Put in todays date as the Start Publishing Date (you can click on the little calendar to use it to select the date) – only use the Finishing Publishing date is you require it to be unpublished on a certain date – otherwise leave it as Never. Over on the right you will see Categories – highlight the category that best fits your music. Tags are used for internal searches as well as external searches on browsers – put in words that would be key words you want it found under – separate the words with commas. Hit the Submit button & Viola it will be submitted!


TO SHOW YOUR IMAGES IN YOUR STUDIO (so others can see them when they come to your Studio):

Roll Cursor over My Planet & on Red Menu Select MY STUDIO.


When Studio page comes up roll cursor Applications on White Menu - Select Browse Application.


When Applications box appears scroll down and add My Music


Go Back to white menu & roll cursor over APPLICATIONS again & select My Applications.


In the Middle column click the ADD APPLICATIONS button & then select My Gallery to add.  This will put the application in the middle column of your Studio layout.


You can click on STUDIO on the white Menu or roll your cursor over MY PLANET then select My Studio on the red menu to see the result.


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