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My Studio - Applications

My Studio - Applications


We have lots of Applications that you can add to your Studio.  There is a short description for each Application here in the tutorial section & also next to the Applications when you get to the Application section of the site.  To get there & add Applications do the following:

Roll Cursor over My Planet & on Red Menu Select MY STUDIO.


When Studio page comes up roll cursor over Applications on White Menu. Then select “Browse Applications.


When Applications box appears scroll down & ADD any Application you want (My Writing, My Gallery, My Music, etc.).


Go back to white menu & roll cursor over APPLICATIONS again & select My Applications – this screen allows you to layout your applications in your studio any way you want them.  We recommend you load your art in the middle column since this is the most visible spot (My Gallery for images, My Music or My Writing or all of the above if you have all of the above kinds of Art).


Once you have added them in the layout you can drag & drop them into the order you want them by hovering the cursor over an Application’s box – it will turn into a little hand – hold down your mouse button & then you can move it up or down in the column.


In each application box there is a little lock – when you click on this it allows to select who can see this application in your studio (there may be applications like Studio Designer that only you want to see vs. the public) – you can change this at any time.


In each application box there is a little gear - some applications need to be configured – clicking on the gear will allow you to do this – most are pre-configured for you.


Studio, Activity Stream, About Me & Friends are not movable.


You can click on STUDIO on the white Menu or roll your cursor over MY PLANET then select My Studio on the red menu to see the result.


This is the result for editing your applications.




  • Thursday, 11 November 2010
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