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Click on "Sign me in" in the upper right hand corner (black box).


Choose your membership type: Artist (Free), Art Lover (Free), Art Business (Free), Uber Artist (Premium Paid Artist) or Art Business Partner (Premium Paid Art Related Business


Fill in the next Screen completely.

You must pick a username that you really wanted because it'll be for lifetime and can't be changed.

Click on the Terms & Conditions box and retype the two words in "Captcha" (for anti-spam).

Hit the NEXT button.


Fill in as much details as you want (the more you fill in , the more people will know about you & be able to find you in searches).

Everything with an * is mandatory.

Under Other Mediums you can select as many as apply by holding down your control key as you highlight them (again … this is how people will find you associated with various mediums in their searches so add them all).

Hit the Register Button.




  • Browse on your computer to find the photo of you or the logo of your business to load (you will get a chance to load your ART separately so the recommendation is you load a picture of you if you since people love seeing who they are working with … don’t u?) If you don’t then they will see the generic Planet Visions icon (yuck). You can always change this later but do it now so you don’t forget. NOTE there a 20mb limit – if it is bigger the system will automatically crop the photo arbitrarily – so get it to look the way you want it to by not exceeding the size limit.
  • Hit the UPLOAD button & give it a few seconds to upload
  • NOW you are on your way.  SMART TIP: Go to upper right hand corner NOW & login then load up some ART … It will only take a few more minutes but the world can begin to see you work. Most of us get busy & you may not get back to the site for a while if you don’t do it now.
  • Thursday, 04 November 2010
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