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WIP's?? (Works In Progress)
Discussion started by somonoce , on 03 November 04:33 pm
Anyone interested in a discussion about what they are in the middle of?? Challenges we are having, triumphs, inspiration for what they are up to? I am!
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Funny, I was suggesting this same type of group discussion on +goggle as a hangout, because of it's video"conferencing" capabilitites.
Saturday, 05 November 2011 18:26
Hi somonoce,
I do commission work - animal portraits - and clients do restrict your creativity. Their vision is often times not yours. I've been given some great photos to work from only to have a client choose a pose of their animal that isn't as interesting, creative, or expressive of their animal's personality. it is frustrating, which is why many artists don't do commission work, or restrict client input. And as the commission is a 'job', I have to do it their way. Once in a while, when I feel really strongly about a different pose or direction, I'll paint their animal in the different pose or in more luscious colors. I have found, most often unfortunately, that the client still likes their way best. Do what you have to please the client and move on to something more creative for yourself!
Friday, 04 November 2011 04:34
I am experimenting with acrylics in a totally different style from my pastel work. I am trying to work more abstractly, makinbg the owrk more about a message, than a soulful animal portrait. It is a struggle... I am using cradled boards, like the firm surface to work on. I apply gesso with palette knives in random pattens and then draw into it while wet with the tip of a palette knife.

When dry, I wear gloves and squit acrylic paint directly from the tube on the support and blend with my hands. Sometimes I dip my fingers in water to thin the paint a bit... and while still dampish, I rub areas with a paper towel.

I add more paint with my fingers as brushes... but then I start to get all caught up in correct anatomy - my left brain kicks in. In my pastels, the drawing is accurate and the colors bring the artwork to life. For these acrylics I am torn between accurate anatomy or making it secondary to the cohesiveness and flow of the paint. Am I making sense? Anyone's thoughts and suggestions on this? I just uploaded 5 new pieces in acrylic... take a look,

Friday, 04 November 2011 04:25
Well, like most of us, I have several things started, but my main focus is a painting for a vineyard's tasting room. They have asked me to make a "map" of their grape varietals that resembles a map of the burgundy region. I am hitting a wall because I would most certainly do it differently than the customer wants if inhere just painting it for me...struggling with the idea of a commission and being told what the finished product should be instead of just letting the painting evolve.

What are you working on Dorianvincent?
Friday, 04 November 2011 00:51
So, what are you working on?
Thursday, 03 November 2011 22:17
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