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Posted by kym in Education on Friday, 12 November 2010

Any resource you want, right here ... Need business skills, coaching, training in a specific art technique, etc. ?  Planet Visions is gearing up to be your one-stop-shopping for any resource you need to expand yourself as an artist. Stay Tuned.


We are looking for Business Partners for our Artists.  Are you a teacher, trainer, coach or any other type of Art Related Business who serves artists?  We are looking for you.  We will be offering workshops, coaching, webinars, one-on-one web/chat consulting, etc. here at Planet Visions & we are looking for the right people to partner with to provide those services.

Are you an expert in any Art related topic?  You can post articles, blogs or create groups to get your knowledge out there in the art world.

Join the site & let me know how we can merge our passion for Artists together to provide a win-win for everyone.

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