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Posted by kym in Coaching on Thursday, 10 February 2011

The more I work with artists the more I see a common theme … we go at it alone. It seems to be some odd thing that is “just built in” … we spend hours along creating & we move that right into the business of our art.  We are thinkers, inventors, creators … we will figure it out. Many of us went to some art school or took some class along the way to learn a particular technique in our art but we struggle it alone in the business of our art. As artists it seems to be part the culture to bang our heads against things … maybe it just adds to the old paradigm that to be an artist we must struggle.  We have studios or bedrooms or garages full of art supplies, we create wildly & in some corner sits our work piled up … unsold & unseen. And we have tried everything we think.

For the last several years we have joined the conversation called “the bad economy” to further push us into resignation.  Now we can really work ourselves into a frenzy & struggle even harder. And we get out on discussion boards & lament how hard it is together but then we return to trying to figure it our on our own.  Meanwhile, if we get real there are people making it, artists actually making money off their art.  We then blame it on something they have that we don’t or the wrongs of the art industry that favors a few who kissed butt in the right way at the right time. Our points proven & with plenty of consensus we go back to rack our brains alone again. Try this … Try that.

I assert we are trapped.  Alone & trapped.  And given that we will never see our way out of the trap using the same views & thoughts that got us into the trap we will stay trapped.  We will work, squeeze out a little improvement here & there & grow old with our work still piled up & a long list of things that sound like “wish I could of, wish I had of, I should of, & if only” (only to know we couldn’t because ….).

When I bailed from the corporate world back in the 90s & became an  entrepreneur I got the best piece of advise I had ever gotten “Don’t do this on your own .. find a coach, a mentor, a team … but don’t try this alone.”  At the time I had very little money … I borrowed from credit cards to pay my phone bills … but I knew, somehow, to listen to that advice.  I looked around at athletes & successful business people … they know the value of a coach … someone who could see what they couldn’t, hold them accountable & guide them.  I figured I could buy supplies that would keep running out while I struggled to pay for them or a coach that would keep me moving forward.  I bought the coach.  She wasn’t free but she paid for herself week after week as my business steadily climbed.  I have never looked back. I have never gone it alone again.  I have had many coaches over the years … for different stages of my businesses … I won’t ever be without one. They have always been the most critical piece of my business.  They can always see the traps I can’t see … I turn to them, do what they say & produce results.  It isn’t magic it is plain ol’ surrender to something that works.

Are you still going it alone?  Stop the struggle .. buy yourself a coach.

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