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Posted by mikeymell in Coaching on Saturday, 12 February 2011

A new conversation for Artists

I sometimes deal in generalities, and let people sort out the specifics for themselves.  This is one of those times.

I find there are two basic ways one can look at life:

1. My circumstances are what they are and I'll try to make the best of them.

2. I declare what I want then take action to have it, no matter what the current circumstances are.

While the second one tends to give people more power, there's a pitfall in it:   Wanting something isn't enough to have it.

In reality, we do not always have the resources to make what we want real now.  Those resources can be created by anyone, at any time, and all it ever takes is action.  Sometimes more than we think it will take, sometimes less.

While this is mostly common sense, there is often a gap between having what we want and our current circumstances.

I think it's fascinating that even though I can see the gap for myself, there are times when I take no action to bridge it.  Mathematically, many of us will be well into our 200's before we'll get where we want to go in life at our current pace.  Except we don't have that much time, since very few of us will live to see the age of 200.

Everything in my life is my art.  I am a musician; for me, life is a song.  Imagine if every drop of life occurred for you as the canvas you paint, or the latest and most real photo you've ever seen, or the most intricate 3D sculpture imaginable.

This is what I am committed to bringing to artists of the world.

This is the driving force in my involvement in the coaching calls we are creating at Planet Visions.

Life is your canvas.  Let's paint together!

Mic Mell

Comments (2)

  • a guest
    Scott Staley
    05 November 2011 at 08:21 |

    I enjoy and appreciate your philosophy I, unfortunately, find myself in that in that gap. I believe that I will rebound from this turn of events and find myself where I have the equipment I want. I currently do not have a quantity of images on this site for you to evaluate
    If you would please view my work @ and tell me what I am doing wrong, I would really like to raise the quality of my work

  • a guest
    SEE ONE.FH...(C.Roca)
    07 December 2012 at 14:30 |

    yes yes!!! alota times i find myself falling into the same ol rutt artistically...and it all ties into my financial situatuion...i try to run my art like a business keeping in mind i started doin art becouse i wanted to express myself freely...may be thats the problem???

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