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untitled 4(2010)

by bcc05

break me out of this cage
get these thoughts out of my brain
slowly slipping away
finally released into being insane
so comforta...

journal entry

by bcc05

lost is my guilt. my compassion is worn thin. i have only desire, lust, and power driving me. i want to be me again. was i ever ...

Birthday Poem

by Joshua Shader

Here i come, its a new me can't you see.
On a mission with much ambition.
I am Older, bolder stronger, now, a bit wiser, but...

deep emptiness

by bcc05

desolate ideas strewn about
the heart finds the mind for control
my soul resides in the deep emptiness
unable to transition
i fa...


by Asgeir

- Galerie d’Art Chez moi, Chez toi et Beaucaire exposition collective. 
- Chez moi, Chez toi exposition des lumières d...

The Mudhouse (1997)

by mikeymell

There's like this world, see,
Right outside our own.
But you can't see it
until you put your sunglasses on.
Right there in pl...

sustaining lies

by bcc05

breathing in the intoxicating fury
homeostasis is not an option
indifference allows the separation
i find truth in death
life on...


by kym

The muse isn’t physically present anymore …
There was a time that I could simply look over at her...
Her beauty, her darknes...

The Art World is Flat

by LivingArt8

Colors explode over the canvass of Life.
The banker childs' delight is the poor womans' strife.
Art dealers feed until oceans ru...

Clouds (1999)

by mikeymell

Fluffy grey matter,
Matted across the sky.
It thinks, and the impulse
Riding sparks fly
node to node,
Blowing winds

BlueBird (1997)

by mikeymell

The robin's egg slowly descends
in dance, lost
on the flashing lights
with a scream of violence
it lands
sudden - as an old movi...

broken man

by bcc05

insomnia drenched in sleep
envious of the tranquil
knocked down by the fists of a broken man
the topsoil looks down with glee
i ...

A Day in the Life of an Artist:

by David Emmanuel Noel

Please feel free to follow my blog for updates on my activities, videos, interviews and conversation with other visual artists, ...

Bullshit (2000)

by mikeymell

Killing myself slowly,
as the seconds slip away
into the past
that was once now,
but now is past.
I trip over my feet,
my tong...

Is This Art?

by Grey Cross Studios

In a recent article on Co.DESIGN – Art That Exposes Weird Glitches in Google Maps, a review was done of an artist who noticed...

Tips to Beautifully Arrange Paintings

by nehagupta

Paintings are liked by all. But not all of us are fans of hanging them in the same boring old-fashioned manner. Paintings can be...

exuberant thoughts

by bcc05

idle thoughts of everything
speeches muddled with incoherent words of lust
pleasure is found in the pain of silence
searching fo...

untitled 4

by bcc05

has happiness arrived? is this just a fantasy that has personified itself through my imagination? i am lost in my own confusion....

The little dog laughed!

by irajane

Here are some details pics from my latest painting. I am working towards publishing a collection of illustrated, classic nurse...

Seven Tips for Owning an Exquisite Modern Painting

by nehagupta

Buying art is an art in itself. One needs to do a lot of research in order to gain knowledge regarding various art styles and ge...

I Wish I Was Stupid (2002)

by mikeymell

i wish i was stupid
and didn't know why the sky was blue
or why grass turned brown and crackly
like 5 day old growth on my face

What a Queer Situation

by bcc05

windows cluttered tightly with figments of my imagination.
images are blurred with no recollection.
looking in a mirror with no...

The Most Influential Contemporary Artist: Jackson Pollock

by nehagupta

An artist of American origin, Mr. Pollock was an indispensable part of the abstract expressionist movement. Known for his unique...

untitled 9(2010)

by bcc05

lost in the eternity of this moment desired
our hearts racing
skin burning like fire
i feel your indecisive pleasure
your eyes c...

We Have A Dream

by JessicaKizorek

Imagine a country where one million Badass Business Women are unabashedly pouring their heart and soul and vision for the future...

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Merge (a spoken word poem)

by Brian_Dryer

Sex equals rage (a spoken word poem)

by Brian_Dryer


by Richap

Life Lessons



by risenmonk

26 bars

by risenmonk


by Richap

Sain et Sauf

by risenmonk


by Richap


by Richap

Like an Octopus



by Richap


by Richap

"Here Goes Nothin'" Mixtape mixed by DJ Rob Riggs

by Bonus_Beats


by Richap


by Richap

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