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Seven Tips for Owning an Exquisite Modern Painting

By nehagupta

Buying art is an art in itself. One needs to do a lot of research in order to gain knowledge regarding various art styles and genres. In fact, while b...

3 Ways to Say Hello to Landscape Art in Your Home

By nehagupta

Most certainly art is an eternal addition to one’s home. Unlike other utility items, art is timeless and a quality piece can end up giving much high...

Online Art Galleries: The New Medium to Buy Artwork

By nehagupta

Historically, art has been associated with royals and influential people and had catered a very small population of this world. Till recently, it was ...

A Day in the Life of an Artist:

By David Emmanuel Noel

Please feel free to follow my blog for updates on my activities, videos, interviews and conversation with other visual artists, musicians and creative...

Jasmine the Puppy coming along in new Chirldren's story paintng

By irajane

A Super busy week teaching and then working on the door at the Good Vibrations music event on Friday night. Great to see Christchurch people enjoying ...

How a Newly Imitated Painting is made to look like the Old Original Painting?

By nehagupta

Art collectors often buy art online through auctions. Yet, most of the novice art collectors are unaware of the fact that the world of online art is f...

Tips to Beautifully Arrange Paintings

By nehagupta

Paintings are liked by all. But not all of us are fans of hanging them in the same boring old-fashioned manner. Paintings can be so much more than a p...

Is This Art?

By Grey Cross Studios

In a recent article on Co.DESIGN – Art That Exposes Weird Glitches in Google Maps, a review was done of an artist who noticed glitches in google ma...

How my art works begin...thumb nails and sketch process

By irajane

People often ask me how I go about starting a work, the first bit is day dreaming about the subject matter, letting my ideas bubble away until a cl...

Black & Blank

By selfexpressione

Black & Blank
Have you ever hurt so much, that there is black in you mined all the time?
Have you ever love so much. There is nothing to give i...

3 Types of Nature Paintings That Will Bring You Closer to Nature

By nehagupta

Undoubtedly, it has been more than a decade since we have become accustomed to this urban lifestyle. But don’t we still love the breeze of fresh air...

Online Art Galleries: Buy Art Hassle Free

By nehagupta

If you were to walk down the memory lane, you will realize that art, in its various forms, has always been associated with the elite and influential p...

How Deep is Your Art?

By Grey Cross Studios

I recently watched a documentary on Visionary Artist Alex Grey. I came away from it with thinking about the messages and meaning of the art we creat...

The little dog laughed!

By irajane

Here are some details pics from my latest painting. I am working towards publishing a collection of illustrated, classic nursery rhymes. Each one w...

What Was I Thinking Pt. 1

By Damien72

Saturday waiting for 11:30 pm so I can get down
on the dancefloor to dance to current club hits
Ate lunch, went shopping, did art projects before they...
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