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Keep focused

By Joshua Shader

Got to Focus, Focus, must succeed.
The possibilities are beyond where the eyes can see.
Must Stretch Stretch reach for the shore.
We are everything...

Essence of Free WIll

By Joshua Shader

Lies and deception upon my reflection

From whom from what I don’t recall

I am at the front line the main line,

With the power to paint it mine...

Whisper Song

By Joshua Shader

Such a sweet song, so serene slumbering on my chest.

A gentle whisper passing by my ear.

Please carry your wisdom into my heart.

I will be y...

The little dog laughed!

By irajane

Here are some details pics from my latest painting. I am working towards publishing a collection of illustrated, classic nursery rhymes. Each one w...

Violation of Jashawn and Gary

By Damien72

No snitching or we'll get it. Mr. Johnson and Miss. Hunter as well as other people saw a man running from the scene. The guy just shot someone. The mo...

Birthday Poem

By Joshua Shader

Here i come, its a new me can't you see.
On a mission with much ambition.
I am Older, bolder stronger, now, a bit wiser, but not a geezer.
I am ...

The Art World is Flat

By LivingArt8

Colors explode over the canvass of Life.
The banker childs' delight is the poor womans' strife.
Art dealers feed until oceans run dry.
Monuments for E...

Road of Self, UNdiscovered

By Joshua Shader

Blood pumping, thumping sound,
Standing ready, steady fists clenched like stone,
A practiced quiescent, transcendent mind,
Fire roaring, soaring deep ...

Jasmine the Puppy coming along in new Chirldren's story paintng

By irajane

A Super busy week teaching and then working on the door at the Good Vibrations music event on Friday night. Great to see Christchurch people enjoying ...

What Was I Thinking Pt. 1

By Damien72

Saturday waiting for 11:30 pm so I can get down
on the dancefloor to dance to current club hits
Ate lunch, went shopping, did art projects before they...

A Day in the Life of an Artist:

By David Emmanuel Noel

Please feel free to follow my blog for updates on my activities, videos, interviews and conversation with other visual artists, musicians and creative...


By Joshua Shader

Listening quietly silently to all these sounds of life.
- Listen...
Birds chirping, winds blowing, fire burning, churning to the rhythm of today.
- L...

How my art works begin...thumb nails and sketch process

By irajane

People often ask me how I go about starting a work, the first bit is day dreaming about the subject matter, letting my ideas bubble away until a cl...

Black & Blank

By selfexpressione

Black & Blank
Have you ever hurt so much, that there is black in you mined all the time?
Have you ever love so much. There is nothing to give i...

47 Springs

By psolis

The flowers in the seventh-floor lobby are looking a little sad today. They are drooping and are starting to fall onto the table. The heart-shaped lea...
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