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untitled 10(2010)

By bcc05

drenched in your sweet desperation
savoring the essence of your divinity
knowing you will save me
in time you will believe
believe in eternity


By bcc05

collapsing into an oblivious state of mind i search for something unseen. I deny myself respite from my desperation and depression. i feel as if, alth...

deep emptiness

By bcc05

desolate ideas strewn about
the heart finds the mind for control
my soul resides in the deep emptiness
unable to transition
i fall into the light whic...

Online Art Galleries: The New Medium to Buy Artwork

By nehagupta

Historically, art has been associated with royals and influential people and had catered a very small population of this world. Till recently, it was ...

sustaining lies

By bcc05

breathing in the intoxicating fury
homeostasis is not an option
indifference allows the separation
i find truth in death
life only sustains lies
what ...

untitled 9(2010)

By bcc05

lost in the eternity of this moment desired
our hearts racing
skin burning like fire
i feel your indecisive pleasure
your eyes closed
your heart open

What a Queer Situation

By bcc05

windows cluttered tightly with figments of my imagination.
images are blurred with no recollection.
looking in a mirror with no reflection.
a willow ...

untitled 1(2010)

By bcc05

crashing into this pool of tears
your sadness is spilling everywhere
you've come so far
so stop looking back
collecting your fear
you're going to snap...

journal entry

By bcc05

lost is my guilt. my compassion is worn thin. i have only desire, lust, and power driving me. i want to be me again. was i ever me? will i be me? i fe...

hear me

By bcc05

weathered footsteps echo in the past
aching for the truth
awakened by nothingness
thoughts running raggedly fluid
i search for a soul
i listen for ano...

exuberant thoughts

By bcc05

idle thoughts of everything
speeches muddled with incoherent words of lust
pleasure is found in the pain of silence
searching for the existence of no ...

untitled 8

By bcc05

i want nothing short of everything. i want to know who i am. what i want. how? i am no longer happy, yet i am not sad. i am at a comfort level with my...


By bcc05

sleepless nights wrought with peace
peaceful dreams will not relieve my fears
constant nightmares become soothing
the hands move in a manner of a time...

untitled 1

By bcc05

Living for the sake of Death.
Dying to stay alive.
Alone in a crowd.
Living in oblivion.
Flying through time.
Searching for love.
Lost in emotion.

Who We Are

By JessicaKizorek

Some women are offended at being called a badass. To us, it’s the highest compliment anyone could give us.

Successful Badass Business Women are gra...
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