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3 Types of Nature Paintings That Will Bring You Closer to Nature

By nehagupta

Undoubtedly, it has been more than a decade since we have become accustomed to this urban lifestyle. But don’t we still love the breeze of fresh air...

A Day in the Life of an Artist:

By David Emmanuel Noel

Please feel free to follow my blog for updates on my activities, videos, interviews and conversation with other visual artists, musicians and creative...


By Asgeir

- Galerie d’Art Chez moi, Chez toi et Beaucaire exposition collective. 
- Chez moi, Chez toi exposition des lumières du noir avec la Poète ...

Blah (2000)

By mikeymell

the bitter taste of coffee
burns in my stomach
and my mouth
tastes like bile.
a film on my soul
like an oil covered
baby seal.
I sit in the dark

Bullshit (2000)

By mikeymell

Killing myself slowly,
as the seconds slip away
into the past
that was once now,
but now is past.
I trip over my feet,
my tongue,
my cock sometimes....

3 Ways to Say Hello to Landscape Art in Your Home

By nehagupta

Most certainly art is an eternal addition to one’s home. Unlike other utility items, art is timeless and a quality piece can end up giving much high...

Accidentally (2002)

By mikeymell

I sit down on the couch and hear
a crashing sound rush in from outside.
As I open the door,
a shadow slides behind the table, hiding.
On the floor, on...

Birthday Poem

By Joshua Shader

Here i come, its a new me can't you see.
On a mission with much ambition.
I am Older, bolder stronger, now, a bit wiser, but not a geezer.
I am ...

BlueBird (1997)

By mikeymell

The robin's egg slowly descends
in dance, lost
on the flashing lights
with a scream of violence
it lands
sudden - as an old movie routine
could cover ...

Clouds (1999)

By mikeymell

Fluffy grey matter,
Matted across the sky.
It thinks, and the impulse
Riding sparks fly
node to node,
Blowing winds
cold smooth flesh.

47 Springs

By psolis

The flowers in the seventh-floor lobby are looking a little sad today. They are drooping and are starting to fall onto the table. The heart-shaped lea...

Acknowledge Someone for their greatness

By Joshua Shader

An Acknowledgment is more powerful than 500 daggers to the heart, its more like 1,000 kisses to the soul.
Acknowlege someone's greatness today....

Black & Blank

By selfexpressione

Black & Blank
Have you ever hurt so much, that there is black in you mined all the time?
Have you ever love so much. There is nothing to give i...

broken man

By bcc05

insomnia drenched in sleep
envious of the tranquil
knocked down by the fists of a broken man
the topsoil looks down with glee
i fight myself for sanit...

Confessiion (2002)

By mikeymell

i live in a mental ward.
It is sunny and happy here.
Never is fighting
terminal interests or banana boats.
no gravy.
it is madness tnat i br...
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