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Forms of Indian Paintings Best Suited for Homes

By nehagupta

It is said “Home is where heart is.” The word home symbolizes safety and comfort; whereas, our heart is attracted to beauty. Therefore, people love to beautify their homes and maintaining its warmth and luxury. Often they try to do this by placing furniture, using attractive wall paint, adding curtains and adorning walls by paintings.

Nowadays, people are keen to give their homes an artistic touch. They are exploring and buying Indian paintings for their homes. Whether a person chooses to buy Indian paintings online or explore traditional art galleries, the choice depends on his personal preferences and comfort.

There are different genres of Indian paintings. So, before you buy Indian paintings, let us explore different types of Indian paintings that you should look out for:

  • Murals Paintings: A mural is an artwork which is painted or applied directly on permanent surface like wall or ceiling. Mural paintings incorporate architectural elements of a given space.
  • Eastern Traditional Indian Art: India’s eastern states witnessed the birth and evolution of miniature paintings during 10th century. These miniatures paintings were inspired by Buddhist mysticisms and depicted the life of Buddha.
  • Mughal paintings: Mughal and Persian influence on this country can be seen in almost everything. The same can be seen in Mughal inspired miniature paintings. Initially, these were restricted to book illustrations. This form of miniature paintings originated and flourished during Mughal reign.
  • Rajput Paintings: The origin of Rajput paintings can be traced back to the 18th century Rajputana dynasty. Artists who practiced this form of paintings took inspirations from episodes of Ramayan and Mahabharata.  Lord Krishan’s life and landscapes are often recurring themes of these paintings.
  • Mysore Paintings: As the name suggest, Mysore paintings found its origin in Mysore, Karnataka. Elegance, details and soft hues of colors are the main characteristics that define Mysore paintings. Themes inspired by Hindu Gods and Hindu mythology are prevalent themes in these paintings.
  • Tanjore Paintings: This form of painting is found its origin in Tanjore, a town in Tamil Nadu. Like Mysore paintings, Hindu Gods and episodes from Hindu mythologies were depicted in Tanjore paintings.

Now that you are acquainted with different forms of Indian painting, feel free to explore wide range of Indian paintings that art galleries have to offer. If you are looking for affordable options, then you can try online art galleries. Buy affordable Indian paintings online and accentuate the walls of your homes or office in impressive ways.

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