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How Deep is Your Art?
Grey Cross Studios

By Grey Cross Studios

I recently watched a documentary on Visionary Artist Alex Grey. I came away from it with thinking about the messages and meaning of the art we create. In Alex Greys work the message is almost so deep that its lost to the common man. Yet often these days in especially in pop art, there “seems” to be  a total lack of depth (no offense pop artists).

It leads me to ask of other artists “How Deep is Your Art” and to try and question my own depth.

In questioning myself, I was surprised to find that I rarely start with a deep inner message in my work. If it emerges later, then that is well and good, but it is not what I am striving for. I build my art layer by layer, always envisioning the whole but also totally caught up in the moment of creation, much as a chess player can envision 40 moves to a win and still focus on the move they are on at the moment and take into account the ever changing variables.

In fact I find more often than naught that my subconscious mind is composing the message of the piece just as the conscious is composing the colors and the arrangements. What results is that the message suddenly becomes clear to me towards the end of the creation. But I admit, others are just really pretty works of art and have no deeper message that I am aware of. They merely exist because my mind found them beautiful. Not everything has to hold a deeper message.

I did find that I am a bit biased though regarding color. I often work with very rich colors and for some reason my mind decided that this meant there was a lack of depth to my work. Then I look at a piece such as the “Deification of Katrina” (seen below) that approaches the dark subject of a killer hurricane and fills it with light and color and I realize that this is a bias I need to get over. Meaning doesn’t have to mean dark or subtle shades. In fact now that I am more consciously aware of it, it makes me want to create even more vibrant pieces with deeper messages behind them. Funny how the mind works.

So tell me my wonderful artists of the world. “How Deep is Your Art?”

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