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Human needs or (The human stupidity)

By Richap


If you don't clearly understand what human stupidity consist of, just look around you. There are always wars, territorial conflicts among countries, slaughters and starvation. But it is not necessary to look so far to see the human stupidity. Pay attention to the news, read books and magazines, listen to those who surround you and observe what they quarrel and worry about, and at last, look at yourself. Mankind as well as having developed with brilliance, is a stupid species. The human being creates unnecessary problems for himself and for others and is not still qualified to live and coexist in peace and to advance with generosity and respect for the fellow-being and doesn't still imagine that each advance or own mistake implies an advance or a damage to the others. Simplifying, all this is a consequence of the egoism and arrogance of human being.

From the beginning of times man is a social being, hunter, warrior and territorial. Other species too. But other species haven't evolved as man has and must bear that he dominates on the face of the earth in many aspects, as if they were gods, arbitrarily and without getting worried about the results, some times catastrophic, of his dominion.

Animals can't get away from that spirit of domination, either. They practice it in their environment, and they fight among them. We also have the mandate of excelling others in bravery, intelligence, sagacity and sharpness. When we can't get this we feel a great frustration and we try to elaborate strategies so that we are not surpassed by others in any discipline, no matter how insignificant it may be. We always compete, even with the members of our own family and friends. We don't like to appear to be stupid and we find very difficult to recognize that there is someone who excels us. That's the way arrogance appears in our personality. We can't accept the virtues in our fellow-being, except when the differences are so visible that we have to recognize with resignation and without resentment. But we rarely accept this and can't analyze with simplicity which our mistakes are and how we can excel ourselves, not to avenge ourselves, but to know oneself better, to extend our horizon and to feel safer inside us and not to start personal quarrels with no sense at all. Instead, we feel resentment, envy and we practice strategies to hide our faults instead of solving them. Although our self-improvement spirit is enormous, it is also true that our arrogance can lead us to sickly extremes. Simplify your life and not to look for problems where there are not. When you see others competing or fighting for the mere pride of winning at all cost, look at yourself and from a neutral point or view, without taking sides and feeling your own internal reactions, listen to your thoughts as if you were a viewer of yourself. Try not to generate adverse reactions on others so as they wouldn't compete with you trying to destroy your impulse of surpassing them. Get away from the arrogant. But if you have to bear them because of your job, for example, you, little by little, will learn how to manage them so as they respect you, no matter how eminent they are. Don't try to humiliate those who surpass you or those who you surpass. Whatever way, everybody will learn from your security and lack of arrogance, and so you will be seen with admiration and respect. Very few will fight against you, and those who do, will soon discover that it isn't necessary to try to surpass you, because you are not a dangerous opponent if they don't touch your integrity.


You share your fears with all species as a mechanism or defense. This is the main motor to survive and it acts according to the evolution and necessities of each species. Human being has moved very fast towards what he is today, but this mechanism, fear, has not adapted properly to the present necessities. It could be better said that despite our quick evolution, our instinct of conservation still maintains ancestral characteristics. This causes certain short circuits and affects our life. I try to explain to you that your insecurity and your fears have an ancestral origin and that, confronted with social, labor and affective circumstances, you must live daily, shape different grades of fears that hinder you from acting securely and as freely as you would like.

This gives origin to the natural insecurity we suffer from and the endless forms of reaction. In extreme cases, this leads to severe illnesses such as paranoia, phobia and their numerous pathological variants of exacerbated fear.

We are all insecure by nature. There are, basically, two kinds of personalities: expansive or open, and reflective. You maybe envy many of those for their self-assured personality, but you must know that they have found this way of acting to hide their fears, which are probably deeper than yours.

I call scenes of native tribes to mind when the night previous to the fight against the rival tribe, they dance and sing songs of praise to their own bravery, so as to reinforce their self-esteem, or the grown-ups telling their deeds to the children. Or sometimes when we see in social gathering or in offices, certain people relating fabulous adventures as a product of their imagination, to become surer in front of the world.

Perhaps you, with an introverted and reserved personality, may be surer of yourself than those you see to manage in life with so much self-confidence. This self-defense against our own insecurity gives one good and immediate results, and provides a better access to the different forms of social life. But you must take into account that that way of managing in life, shapes a superficial personality for fear of being seen as one actually is.

And if you own an apparently self-assured personality as the one I have just described, you will perhaps envy the composure, the responsibility and the capacity of reflexion of those who, feeling themselves as insecure as yourself, become withdrawn in prisons of conflicts, often with no reason at all.


Until you don't find yourself in your own centre, you won't get to know how much worthy you are. Through these pages I'll try to help you to find your own self, to learn what you are really like, and to see that most of your fears and insecurity are unjustified. Confronting yourself with patience and love, you will begin to see your mistakes and faults.

First you must learn to relax enough so as your personality is not perceived by others as fictitious. Your fellow-man values and recognizes naturalism in people. Don't be afraid of showing yourself as you really are, though you fail at the beginning, because in that way you will improve your possibilities of knowing yourself intimately and in front of the world and will improve the natural mechanism of relationship. You will notice in the course of time that you are not so unimportant as you believed, and that those who surround you, look at you as a better person who doesn't hide his fears any more but shows them and even takes them with humor. Because taking your faults and fears with humor, is a powerful tool to naturalize your personality, vanishing your arrogance.

You will face your own self to the world and will realize how to purify your personality. If you accept my words you will overreact and fail many times, but consider it as necessary adjustments to reach the peak and authenticity in your life. Taking it with humor and comprehension will help you not to make the same mistake twice. As I have said, you are your worst enemy and many of those who present themselves before you as enemies, are simply reacting against you, because of their own fears, while you can't see your own ones yet. They also defend yourselves against their own ghosts. Perhaps you can't understand certain reactions and sudden and adverse changes of others towards you. This makes you staggered and don't quite understand why . Many times is due to you, to your insecurity and attitude, but many others is due to the insecurity of the other person. There are some people that prefer to change the tone of their relationship with you to defend themselves from the attraction they feel about you. Even though unbelievable, this happens quite often and you mustn't think you are the guilty one. It might also happen to you with regard to others.

Don't give up and enjoy the future to live, avoiding, in that way, possible disappointments that might never happen. A lack of tension in your attitude would let you accomplish your wishes, give free rein to your satisfactions without being alert, but not inhibited of the pleasure of sincere relationship and unjustified barriers. The more you get to know yourself and feel much securer each day, your fear to suffer will decrease in the opposite direction of your self-knowledge. You will acquire your own tool to get automatically rid of the real enemies, because you will learn how to detect them naturally and with no guilt at all. Nobody is so wise as to avoid, every now and then, an unpleasant surprise with some people. But you will have the necessary elements as to give the exact measure to certain disappointments, and the suffering and isolation will be much lighter than before, when everything turned chaotic in your mind and your despair made you believe that you were despicable. Remember what I told you: you are not guilty of everything that happens to you. You will be able to understand people and things better if you understand your own fears first, and will feel freer and securer.

There are many kinds of fears. But these I have just described are the commonest among people and they don't let us develop our own capacities. We must evaluate our talents with humility. As you get achievements in your self-knowledge and self-esteem, you will see other people with the same problems of relationship which you knew how to solve. And the people who are acquainted with you will value the humility you have acquired. There will be people who can even feel admiration for you. But you must never feel superior to others. When you are with a kid, you know more than him, but you ignore how much this kid is able to achieve in the future. When he grows up, he will remember the conversations with you, his questions and your answers; but, if in the future, this kid gets to know better than you, he will be grateful for the humility that you taught him with and will always respect you.

It's all about this: to win the natural respect of those who are acquainted with you because they don't think you are an enemy and that you won't compete with others nor underestimate or reject them. You won't need to believe that other people are gods no matter how extraordinary they are. Remember that we all have fears and limitations, even those who you admire or envy.

You must feel well for what you are knowing that you grow with humility, without pretending to be someone else. In that way you will be respected for your authenticity and simplicity.

And if you have a incapacity or you are, or think you are ugly, don`to believe your problem is the only thing in your life. Find out your other sides, based on what I have already told you and thus you will be able to look at yourself with a wider and different perspective, and you will forgive yourself or those who procreated you and also those who made fun of you. I know what I am saying. If you can lighten the heavy burden you have to carry you will gain a lot in self-esteem and in your relationship with others. You will be praised for your efforts as long as you can solve your suspicion, hatred and envy, and the sensation of inferiority. You will see then that people don't look at you scornfully as you think. I know you won't be able to avoid some of these things. But your attitude will save you from unnecessary suffering. Everybody has some kind of incapacity. Perhaps you think that your problem is more serious than that of others and although this may be true, just look around the world: suffering, hospitals, the news, hunger, slaughter, rape, injustice and even illnesses similar to yours. Don't go into the prison of your pain. You have the bar without a padlock. You are free to go out, little by little, to breathe the pure air of the naturalness you have achieved. You must modify your mechanism of defense, step by step. You have to face up to your problems with patience and wisdom and above all, DON'T BE AFRAID OF YOUR FEAR.

“The more we know, the more we know what we don’t know”.

This small phrase repeatedly said encloses a lot about what I wish to transmit to you. That is why I ask you not to rush to finish this road towards your own knowledge. Cover it slowly but surely. It might turn out to be long but also pleasant, like the life you are leading now, only that easier and with a deeper vision of yourself, of the world you live in and of those who surround you. You will begin to feel safer as your glance is wider and more real, without the typical arrogance of those who don’t quite know where they are standing, with the composure and simplicity of those who see more clearly and understand more and more each day.

I don’t possess the specific drug for you to see the light right now or by simply reading my message. You will have to make your own effort. But above all, to cover this road, you must keep an open mind and exercise self-criticism all the time. You won’t be able to advance if you are not prepared to look at yourself as you really are and to love yourself. But don’t be afraid, nothing wrong is going to happen to you when you start this way of self-knowledge. On the contrary, you will see yourself growing up from inside and covering wider horizons each day.

The briefness imposed by the Internet hinders me from extending myself at ease, nevertheless I believe I have synthesized, and at the same time, developed the main points of the conflicts you might be suffering from.

I am not going to expose here autobiographical details, unless it is necessary. I have always preferred to know the artist and the thinker for his work more than for his fortunes and misfortunes. I don’t want to make a mistake that contradicts my posture. If I’d offer myself as an example so that you don’t repeat my mistakes, I would surely be making muddy the purpose of my message.

I wish my words help you to live better, to grow up, to appreciate yourself with justice, believing in yourself and in the happiness you have still to feel.


We must`to confuse what it is natural in us with what we adopt as a habit or philosophy. The human organism, as in all species, carries out its evolution and adopts foods and habits, according to its habitat. Man has always been a carnivorous and picker being. These two characteristics have been evolving in us and the primitive way of controlling fire and getting shelter and warm clothes, has been changing, but, essentially, we still belong to a species with the same necessities. From the control of fire, pottery, the cultivation of the land and the domestication of animals, man has begun his rapid evolution till what he is today. But our body doesn't differ from that of the first men and food is basically the same. Man had to hunt, to feed himself and to wrap himself up. With the meat of animals he got the protein for his cerebral and muscular development.

Animal and vegetable ingestion has been essential to survive and maintain our body healthy. So, that is why I must insist: don't confuse what it is natural with certain philosophical posture about eating habits. I speak here about vegetarianism, certain ecologist attitude and any form of life that tries to modify which is proper to the human nature. Unless that, for medical reasons, we are forbidden to consume meat, the human organism satisfies itself completely only in that way.

Far from being against ecology, but I must say I am strongly against exaggeration, wrong fantasies and misinformed ways of feeding. There is no doubt that we must act promptly to preserve our planet from destruction, that we must protect animals in extinction no matter how insignificant they see to be. But I don't admit philosophical postures which act against our own nature.

To kill living beings is inevitable. No matter what effort you make, when you simply walk either in the street or in the country, you are crushing with your feet causing a small ecological disaster, and when you use insecticides against annoying and aggressive insects. I don't admit discriminatory arguments about living beings. A cow is as much a living being as a chicken, a fish, an insect or a microbe. If your philosophy of life is not to kill to eat, you must know that to fulfill strictly with the principle of what you believe in, you should isolate yourself so much that you would finally die victim of your philosophy, unless you could live on fresh air as a yogi pretends to do, even so, you wouldn't be able to avoid killing. That's the way our world is. Try only to survive with a good quality of life and without exaggerations.


If you can, try to teach those who, only for money and power, are destroying our planet, so that they can understand that their own grandchildren will live in an uncertain and hopeless world, fighting for water, food and pure air with the possibility that they would die in floods, avalanches and illnesses. Fight against these thoughtlessness who increase their profits at the expense of other people's lives, so that they can understand it's more profitable that all the inhabitants of the world buy their products, and not, as it is now, where they cause illnesses and starvation all over the world because they think they will become richer in this way. These people will pay for their behavior sooner or later. But for the time being, they don't understand that the welfare of the neighbor is more profitable for their interest, not only in the economics, but spiritually also.

They are arrogant and believe themselves gods, buy they don't know that they will suffer the consequence of their acts at any moment. They must know that this situation is coming to a limit and this limit is irreversible.


On the way to your self-knowledge it doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not. You are immersed in a reality which is the same for everybody. Your beliefs and intellectual conclusions, whichever they are, will always be inside the same universal reality, and what you feel, believe or discern is inside that "something" which covers everything and includes all that exists. You can call that "something" as you like it but its existence is a reality. You can't escape from this "something" which contains us. You can be a great inventor, a great artist or a great philosopher, but the human creation is the capacity of interpreting and putting together the already existent parts of the universe harmonized in different ways giving origin to what is commonly called "creation". The capacity of innovating is a special capacity that some human beings possess called "creative", but whom I would call "generative". The creation or generative person is that who is capable of seeing or feeling out of the ordinary. We all pretend to be gods and we feel that way, especially when it is possible to exercise some power over another being or over the things around us. This makes us feel powerful and elevates our self-esteem. But you must consider that the only true power is to COMPREHEND. Every other feeling of power is deceptive. The world is what it is like and shows itself clearly to us. The only thing to do is to see more clearly every day. The more our comprehension of the world that surrounds us is, the largest our power is, and so we draw near the wisdom towards the truth. For this reason and no other, we must feel ourselves powerful: for the capacity of SEEING and knowing ourselves inside the universe more and more every day. Any other feeling of power is false. We are separated from God of from the universal reality. One day we would wanted to be like God and to reign but we arrived in a world in which the truth is partial and we must solve it before our days on earth are over. That's the great parable of Adam and Eve in paradise in the presence of the temptation of the deceptive apple of wisdom and power. And this is our ORIGINAL SIN: stupidity and arrogance. All the human problems on earth are originated from there because all believe ourselves gods but we are sick of arrogance and we falsely feel as a command to exert our power over other beings and over the world. Each one tries to impose power as far as one can, that is to say, as far as the arrogance and power of the other allow us so.

You came to this world thinking you were god and ended up being a slave of your passions, of other people's passions and of the physics laws that rule this planet. You arrived in this world losing the original knowledge and the mist of your arrogance blinds you now, so you must feel your way feeling yourself insecure and having lost the memory of who you really are. You were in full harmony with yourself and didn't have doubts about who you were and believing you could be a king or a god in other worlds, but you ended up being a slave of the ups and downs of life in an inhospitable land, abandoned to the human miseries and condemned to suffer though you can't notice it. The only way to returns to ourselves is to restrain our arrogance to see the reality of our existence in harmony with all that exists further on and deeper than you could now suspect. You may imagine God as somebody similar to all of us but immensely wise and comprehensive. Or perhaps you imagine that the universe is a circumstance and that our existence on earth is a hazard of destiny. However you may think, the reality of everything is still the same. Until you don't start to solve the truth on earth that we can't see no matter how obvious it is, your suffering won't stop, and even understanding better and better you can't be sure of lesser suffering. The difference lies in how and with what degree of conscience of yourself and of the world your life elapses. We arrived in this world to UNDERSTAND. Whoever believes that can go through this existence without suffering the consequences of his arrogance and blindness is totally wrong. But don't look for direct yield if you intend to go back towards your own and true conscience. This world gives you proofs of strength and conscience all the time. If you try to go through a wall because you can't see it, you would be badly surprised and hurt. As simple as that is the example I can give you about what life is. If there is a wall and you can see it, but in your arrogance you think you can go through it, the consequences will teach not to do that again, and to look for the right way to avoid it instead.


If I told you, as one of my teachers once did, GOD IS THE PUREST DISTILLATION OF THE SPIRIT, you wouldn't understand, as I didn't understand then. But although we have the capacity of understanding that, so long as we try to understand it with our intellect, we would be on the wrong track. The intellect is a tool that a person possesses inside which our spirit sleeps, that is to say a human being, another animal, though quite evolved. YOU ARE SPIRIT and had to cover yourself with this animal apparel to get into this terrestrial sphere. As an animal you must observe all the commands as all animals must. We are prisoners of physiological needs. Overwhelmed by the laws of gravity and inertia we must take the trouble to feed ourselves, to breath, to face illnesses and to go back and forth laboriously. We must procreate as any other animal and, although it turns out to be pleasant, this is another of the commands we have to carry out, another necessity and an effort. Man has tried to alleviate all this work with cunning and inventiveness and has provided a certain comfort, but we can't escape from that so called "survival" even if you are a multimillionaire.

WE ARE LUMINISCENTS that constantly generate powerful light and subtle energy like children emanated from a very subtle spirit. But I can't describe the highest world where we belonged to anymore because at this point it is your intellect that receives these words. But there are some people who can have a small or a big spiritual awakening by reading them. If you have one of these awakenings or memories of what you really are, you wouldn't need descriptions of any kind. You must feel yourself profoundly, more profoundly than in your most profound pondering. For that matter you must silence your thoughts because they, always active, won't let you feel what you really are. But if you can dedicate some time to feel yourself, practicing how to silence all the whispers of the multitudes you carry inside, you may, some day, to awake from the drowsiness. Use the methods more related to you to fulfill the necessary tranquility. You can use a prayer that touches your spirit, it can be a music that helps you to reduce your intellectual activity and above all, that pacifies your unconscious, which, although you don't notice it, is the noisiest of all. You will surely have some method to get a maximum tranquility so as to awaken the human being that you really are. That's why I recommend not to ask "what is God". If you begin to know yourself each day better you may one day know. But you will hardly find it in another place but your very interior.


You are part of the universe. The universe is compounded by infinitely small part icicles. If you take a molecule, this is conformed by a union of atoms. The molecules gathered in a specific way, from gaseous, liquid or solid elements. But all the elements have the same essence. The living beings are also physically conformed of elements similar to any other existent thing. I am speaking of planets, stones, trees or whatever you want to imagine. Everything is originated in the same element. You maybe know that the light is also matter transformed in light energy. Now then, there are innumerous material demonstrations which we hardly consider matter only because we can't see them or perceive them with our senses. Thought is also a manifestation of subtle matter generated by electric impulses of our brain. There are an infinite number of manifestations of the mind and there are also intuitions or premonitions. Nothing escapes from the universe that contains us. Everything starts from an initial impulse which is today, always was and always will be. I know it is difficult to imagine such immensity and infinitude. But you will feel yourself infinitely that everything begins in the same essence. You will feel yourself immersed in a profound reality and different from the one you perceive now. But don`to imagine the universe as planets, constellations, galaxies and space. What I propose is more profound and you won't perceive it through the senses you know now.

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