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I Wish I Was Stupid (2002)

By mikeymell

i wish i was stupid
and didn't know why the sky was blue
or why grass turned brown and crackly
like 5 day old growth on my face

i wish i was a fool
and didn't understand things
like fission
and why fish don't make peanut butter

or why my cereal got soggy at breakfast
and why it takes so goddamn long to get my dinner
when the sign says fast food
or why the jalapenos in my fridge have lost their fire, melted

i wish i didn't see it coming
and could be happy with prime time,
pop music, and peony
that pushing paper didn't feel like pushing daisies

when i see the sunshine on a flower
and hear bees chattering in the breeze
and it's put my heart at rest
for another moment

i guess we all want things we can't have
and it ain't so bad
to know when to duck
or be able to read the writing on the wall
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