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Is This Art?
Grey Cross Studios

By Grey Cross Studios

In a recent article on Co.DESIGN – Art That Exposes Weird Glitches in Google Maps, a review was done of an artist who noticed glitches in google maps imaging process where an older satellite image was taken in a different season and placed next to a newer image, thus creating a point on the map where summer greenery might meet winter snowfall. From this, he put together a series called Juxtapose, where images next to each other show dramatic changes in environment while physically being continuous.

Now please, this is no offense to the artist, who must see something that I don’t. But as a fellow artist, I am finding this hard to grasp as being art. It is intriguing and fascinating to see the changes in landscapes. It also speaks a lot to our climate and how fast its changing. But should it be considered art?

I admit that I see art in the strangest places. In piles of garbage and shapes in spaghetti. But seeing a glitch and showing it to others then calling it art, is a hard sell even for me.

Perhaps it is in my personal definition of what art is. For me art is one persons vision of the universe, shared with others. It lets us see reality through their eyes for just a moments glimpse caught and preserved in time. Sometimes those glimpses are disturbing, sometimes they make us happy, and often they teach us something vital about ourselves and our own vision of the universe.

But should raw information be considered art? A physicist would argue that the whole universe is art. I would not disagree with them. And by my own definition, this particular artist is teaching us something, but my mind grapples with placing the word “art” upon it. If I am going to do that, then the stop sign on the corner is art because of the colors used, the shape, the method it uses for imparting information. But is it art? Perhaps its all in the way you perceive it, because I admit to looking at a really cool photo book once of street signs in various states of decay, rust, graffiti, bullet holes, etc and finding the compilation to be very artistic. But would I walk out to the corner and say “this is art”? I’m just not sure.

I would like to hear what others have to say about this, because I feel like I am betraying another artist by not grasping this or seeing more clearly where the line between “information” and “art” is drawn.

~Grey 2013~

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