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By nehagupta

If you were to walk down the memory lane, you will realize that art, in its various forms, has always been associated with the elite and influential people. Until recently, it had catered to a very small population of this world. Only the rich were able to enjoy the beauty of artworks like paintings and sculptures. It was not a thing of distant past that original artworks were deemed expensive and considered out of reach of common people. This scene changed recently with the arrival of online art galleries. Over the last decade or so, the web has emerged out as a new and budding marketplace for art. With more and more artists turning towards the web to connect with directly the potential buyers and putting their original art for sale, art lovers are open to experiment and buy paintings online.

Since its inception, internet has been considered as the rival of traditional publishing and entertainment industry. With almost everything becoming digitalized, concerns have been raised time and again that sooner or later internet will take the bottom out of these two industries. While this concern may stand true in the case of books and movies/music industries, but there is one segment of art industry that has actually benefitted from the arrival of internet and that is the world of paintings and sculptures. It has helped elevate this segment of art industry and its potential market to new heights. There is no denial to the fact that the arrival of online art galleries has helped the art world shift gears and has propelled it to a new era of growth. The idea behind the institution of online art galleries is to offer original art for sale at affordable prices, thus making it accessible to a broader viewers and potential buyers.

Many art lovers are of the opinion that online art galleries offer the same experience and quality as delivered by conventional brick and mortar art galleries. Contrary to this belief of common people and art buyers, there is a league of art critics and industry experts who have their sets of concerns regarding the authenticity of online galleries and the original art for sale that they offer. Some industry experts say that these galleries are things of pass and that they will not be able to stand the test of time. Art curators, who have been associated with traditional galleries, are of the opinion that though online art galleries offer original and affordable art for sale and have been able to sell original paintings at high prices, but sooner or later buyers will understand that there is a need to get acquainted with the context of the painting and to do so, he will have to meet and have a word with the art curator before investing in original paintings offered by online art galleries.

To address the concerns of art curators, industry experts and potential buyers who find it crucial to understand the context and feels the need to speak to an art curator before making an expensive purchase, online art galleries offer art advisory services where a potential buyer can chat or have a word with experienced art curators, know more about paintings and the type of paintings best suited for the buyers. With an elaborate collection of artworks at display under a single roof and services like free home delivery, excellent after sale customer support and option to get personalized art, it is not at all surprising that online art galleries are attracting more and more buyers. There buyers are not restricted to first time art buyers, but many experienced art collectors are opting to buy art online. It goes without saying that these galleries have created a new and thriving market place for emerging artists.

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