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Seven Tips for Owning an Exquisite Modern Painting

By nehagupta

Buying art is an art in itself. One needs to do a lot of research in order to gain knowledge regarding various art styles and genres. In fact, while buying a modern painting it becomes all the more imperative for a person to have a substantial amount of familiarity with art. It is necessary because modern painting is a term which subsumes many art movements and styles and is often confused with contemporary painting.

Hence, in this article, our readers can expect some of the essential tips which will save their bucks from going in vain. Take a look.

Buy what catches your eye-

One should avoid buying a modern painting just for the sake of owning a modern piece of work to adorn his house with. An individual should buy painting only when he finds the painting really beauteous. Moreover, he should buy a painting which he feels he will never get tired of seeing. So if one finds a painting while visiting an exhibition, gallery or browsing online which makes him look back, he should buy that painting without giving a second thought.

Right height is pivotal-

All the charm of a painting gets spoiled when that painting is hanged inappropriately. Hence, it is important to know the ideal height for hanging a painting. One should hang the painting at the eye level of a person who is five foot and six inches tall. This makes it easy for the onlookers to look at the painting while saving them from the neck pain.

Opt for grouping small paintings-

If someone finds it difficult to settle into buying a single painting, he should resort to buying paintings of differently sized paintings. After assorting five or six paintings of different sizes, you should decide the wall and make several attempts at assembling them all together beautifully. Remember, choosing paintings for gallery wall gives you the liberty to choose all the colors you like. This way you will be able to buy paintings without giving a deliberate thought. Moreover, even if you will buy a painting or two which are that appropriate, they will not come in the notice. Doing so is the best for novice art lovers.

Select the right size-

One should decide the space prior to buying any painting. This way he will have a rough idea already of what size the painting should be. If the wall is too wide a large painting will look good. However, a small painting will hardly be noticeable. Moreover, a painting should be rectangular if the wall is square and vice versa. Hence, you should be mindful of the wall size while buying the painting, otherwise no matter how good the painting is, it will not be prominent enough.

Try making a grid-

One can also make a grid from the paintings. For doing so, one can get a similar framing on all the paintings. Also, the color of the paintings should be similar and not completely different. Getting basic and similar frames will also diminish the chances of the frames competing with each other and the paintings. This will change the interior of the rooms radically without consuming much of your time and effort.

Besides this, one can also attempt at placing every astounding modern painting with different frames. This will not only look unique but will also upgrade the beauty of these paintings. Moreover, you should not over analyses each and every aspect of a painting. This will consume a lot of one’s time and will also make him dubious of every painting he would want to buy. Hence, one should avoid overthinking and should just buy what they fell resonates with the interiors of their home and their soul. In addition to this, the art lovers should also consider the color theme of their existing décor. One should go for deep tones if the wall color is light and vice versa. We hope the aforementioned tips will help you in buying a modern painting that not only you but everyone who visits the space will appreciate.

Happy buying!

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