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The Most Influential Contemporary Artist: Jackson Pollock

By nehagupta

An artist of American origin, Mr. Pollock was an indispensable part of the abstract expressionist movement. Known for his unique style of drip painting, he was considered as the greatest living painter in the United States. There is no denial to the fact that he is considered as a major abstract expressionist who is best known for his unique paintings that were created by pouring and controlling the liquid paint on the surface of a canvas. In the era of 1940s, this wasn’t just path-breaking but it was an entirely original way of presenting one’s ideas.

Most Famous Artworks:
Jackson Pollock was that contemporary artist who made significant contributions to the world of art. He achieved a lot through his artworks and is known for his distinct style and taste. Although each painting made by him had its own uniqueness, however, there are certain pieces which have gained more acknowledgement than others. Three of such amazing artworks are mentioned below.
  • Full Fathom Five (1947):
Being one of the first drip paintings of this contemporary artist, full fathom five is considered as one of the most renowned creations of Mr. Pollock. Right from cigarette butts to coins, Jackson Pollock used unique mediums to create this masterpiece. The top-most layer of the painting is created by pouring black and shiny silver paint in order to get the effect of weaving lines. This painting brought in a revolution as it showed the deep dark side of the anxious human mind.
  • Autumn Rhythm: Number 30 (1950):
Just like his other masterworks, Mr. Pollock designed an intricate linear framework by using diluted black paint. The watery paint got absorbed by the surface of the non-primed canvas. He then went on to build the colours over this by weaving an elaborate and complex web of brown white and blue lines. There aren’t any definite pattern of lines as one can find them in thick and thin strokes which are curved, straight and horizontal. Surely, this piece is a sign of impeccable balance between control and chance.
  • Blue Poles (1952):
This painting captures the dynamic working techniques and turbulent life of the contemporary artist perfectly. It displays the marks of shoe and footprints along with broken glasses rooted on the canvas. Mr. Pollock invested a significant amount of time in order to create this masterwork that is considered as one of the finest creations by using drip paintings.

Sadly, the habit of alcoholism took the life of this renowned contemporary artist in the year of 1956 when he was just forty-four years old. Nonetheless, his creations work as a piece of inspiration for today’s artists and art enthusiasts endure the work of Jackson Pollock.

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