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Tips to Beautifully Arrange Paintings

By nehagupta

Paintings are liked by all. But not all of us are fans of hanging them in the same boring old-fashioned manner. Paintings can be so much more than a piece of décor and learning different ways of placing them can really make a big difference to your entire space. Arranging paintings is an art and you can surely master it by keeping some things in mind. If you have some really beautiful paintings and portraits with you but are confused with the way to hang them up then, here are some amazing ways in which you can create beauty out of the paintings which are already lying around your house.

  • Grid:
    Under this framework, numerous paintings are hung in clean and exact columns and rows. The specification is important as this type of arrangement gives a very organised and formal look to the entire set of paintings. This is a striking combination as it showcases symmetry. One thing which needs to be taken care of is that all paintings must be of a similar size and frames. This is important in giving that polished look. Right from nature paintings to figurative art, you can place a combination of any genre of paintings into a grid setup.
  • Linear arrangement:
    In a linear setup, paintings are hung in a line— either vertically or horizontally. A similar size of piece and frame look extremely well in this kind of an arrangement. However, you must hang the number of pieces in relation to the length and width of the wall. Generally, similar kinds of portraits are hung in a linear format. For instance, if you have a liking towards environment then you can hang several nature paintings to breathe freshness and life into your space.
  • Shelves:
    If you don’t want to hang your paintings then this is a great way to organise them. The portraits can be leaned against shelves to give them a distinctive look. You can either put one piece or a combination of multiple paintings. Unlike grid structures, paintings placed on shelves aren’t bound by sizes. They can be of any size and shape. If they are placed well, they will end up looking extremely magnificent. Apart from one shelf you can end up stacking different shelves with various kinds of portraits to give them an entirely different appeal.
  • Singles:
    A single artwork ends up attracting all the attention to it. If you happen to have a beautiful statement art then you can hang that piece by itself only. This will create a strong focal point. Whether you choose enticing nature paintings or abstract art, any painting will look beautiful as a distinct piece. One thing which you must remember is that for a large painting you must have sufficient space else it will end up looking congested.
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