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Violation of Jashawn and Gary

By Damien72

No snitching or we'll get it. Mr. Johnson and Miss. Hunter as well as other people saw a man running from the scene. The guy just shot someone. The motive was robbery as the victim told the police while on the way to the hospital. Fortunately, the injuries was not life threatening. No one didn't answer the truth about with the suspect look like. They knew who it is but they hush.
Next day, everything became an open chapter when someone snitch on a guy kissing another guy and a caramel complexion black male was sun-bathing in the buff. All the snitching and bad mouthing filled the neighborhood from E.140th to E. 167th Street. . Miss. Hunter was talking to Ms. Mitchell and Dee about Jashawn indecency in his own backyard while Mr. Johnson and the guys in the neighborhood was saying mess about the two gay men for showing their infection on the street. One of the gay couple yelled at Mr. Johnson for making sexy comments at a female that was 16 years-old. Thus, the other gay couple got in the altercation saying , “ You motherfuckers are full of shit. Going at our throats for loving each other and for Jashawn  relaxing in the sun naked without any sign of sexual activity. You didn’t say shit about that asshole who shot Gary yesterday night.  Lucky he’s alive, but the guy who shot him is still out there because you and the rest of the ignorant asses didn’t tell the police who he is. You’re protecting the suspect more than you concern about people living alternative lifestyles that do right things in life. Though the victim is alive , let’s not forget that bullet kills, not showing love to another person of the same sex and laying down in the sun in the nude.

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