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By JessicaKizorek

Some women are offended at being called a badass. To us, it’s the highest compliment anyone could give us.

Successful Badass Business Women are grateful for those who helped them become the success they are. In turn, they are generous with others. This isn’t just about women earning more money. It’s about giving back. When a Badass Business Woman realizes her full potential, she has more in experience, wisdom, time and resources to share with those who would follow in her footsteps.

She also has more to give to the causes she is most passionate about, whether that’s traveling the world to volunteer in third world countries, or spending weekends to help to build houses for struggling families. That’s really what this is about. Doing more and giving more.

Badass Business Women is an idea in pro- gress. It isn’t Jessica Kizorek telling everybody how this is going to go. It’s all of us badasses coming together to do something that’s never been done before.

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