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Bozrah, CT
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Horses, texture, wabi sabi and the visual warmth of earthy tones move me and make me feel grounded. Art is how I express that strong sense of belonging. I often start a pieces with barely a preconceived notion of the end result. An inspiring pose of a horse or the hint of an idea for a color or texture is usually the catalyst. My goal is not to create a realistic image but to express visually what it is that I love and moves me soulfully since words often seem inadequate.
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I'm a self-taught artist. In my mid-40's I suddenly began developing a talent for expressing my passions in art. After taking a one-night creative workshop, a dormant seed was germinated and I started drawing the things I loved. Next I tried watercolor pencils, then watercolor paint which cascaded onto acrylic and collage - constantly experimenting and playing. It's always evolving!


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Central Connecticut State College
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University of Connecticut

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