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Born in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1972, my adventures in art began when my grandmother would encourage me to enter art contests as a child. As I grew older and entered the school system, I was always drawing and thinking with a creative mind. In middle school I started getting involved with ceramics and I loved it. In high school I continued with ceramics and dove into glazes and under gazing and the art of firing. During my senior year of high school, I started to adding color to my art. I was lucky enough to have great art teachers that recognized that I had a talent. I am thankful that they pushed me to become the artist that I am today. I began experimenting with oil paints, water colors and acrylics during my senior year of high school. For the first time in my life I was painting and I loved it! The year was 1991 and my soul awakened by the sight of paint on canvas. I would paint where ever and whenever I could. I started to realize that music and color complimented each other quite well and that optical illusions on canvas usually surfaced in my art. After high school, I moved to Tampa, Florida and enrolled in a technical institute to sharpen my computer and graphic art skills. The year was 1999 and I started playing around with an idea of performing on stage as an art alongside a musician and or a DJ. This idea grew into something I now call "Live Vibe Art”. Live vibe art has taken me too many different venues in many different cities. I have performed and coordinated countless art shows, fundraisers and parties; including orchestrating my own art show in upper eastside in Manhattan, NY. I started my own LLC art company called "United Family of Souls" or "UFOS ART". I am proud to have sold many originals and prints of my work and can be found on several sites on the internet. I currently reside in Tampa, Florida and continue to perform and create new works of art. My motto is "Never Stop Creating" and I won’t!

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o “Gala Corina” 1998-2004 was Tampa ‘s premier grass roots art movement featuring over 150 artist. Featured performance artist for 6 years.

o “John Allen” 2008 featured artist of a six month exhibition and performance piece donated to the building of a home for the john Allen foundation upper eastside Manhattan.

o “Maintain” 2000 electronic music festival odyssey night club Ithaca network Triple x records now know as blunted funk records Sanfrancisco

o “Art for life” 1998-2001 featured performance art for one the Tampa bay areas largest aids benefits

o “Galapagos Art Space “ 1998 and 2001 Located in Williamsburg Brooklyn Painting done to the shift and Tommy Moye Blunted funk/ newyork

o “ Sola Creole” 2001 st .petersburg pier Live painting with Jazz band
mid year gala corina event

o “Tropical heatwave” 2006 Live painting with Trombone Shorty

o “Taste of the sense “ 2000 Viva la frida both being chefs at this restaurant we would produce a four course meal followed by a live painting

o “Evolution of art and music” 2001 Yeomans Road pub Self produced art and music event held weekly which ran for one year.

o “Tribal Style” 2002 new world brewery national reggae act

o “World peace benefit “ 2006 Live painting w/ sierra Leone refugees

o “Sound and healing” 2007 international bazaar Ybor city

o “Art after Dark” 2006 Tampa museum of art Live performance

o “Sakana sushi” 2006 Self produced Art show featuring multiple artist

o “Visions art show” 2010 Pane rustica bar and restaurant Self produced cancer benefit

o “Bamboozle “ 2010 Featured performance artist for this monthly gathering


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