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I 'm a 30 something year-old African American male who is an artist (painter, illustrator,cartoonist, imagineer, fashion illustrator, poet,) who likes to explore true diversity. Well open-minded and more. A big fan of house music and other electronica music genre

I am a very open-minded black male in my 30’s who is not ready to give up the chaos part of being young, but I have to had maturity at the same time to guide myself to responsibility. I am looking for people who are well open-minded that do not judge others based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and etc. God made people different for specific reasons and that reason is for learning from one another with values and life that people can gain and respect to better him/herself.

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Cuyahoga Community College
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The University of Akron
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Going to do some art for fashion week in May.
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  • What Was I Thinking Pt. 1

    Added to Memoir, April 20, 2011

    Saturday waiting for 11:30 pm so I can get down
    on the dancefloor to dance to current club hits
    Ate lunch, went shopping, did ar...
  • Violation of Jashawn and Gary

    Added to Fiction, April 20, 2011

    No snitching or we'll get it. Mr. Johnson and Miss. Hunter as well as other people saw a man running from the scene. The guy jus...
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