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San Antonio
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Within a few brief years, Hebron Chism has established himself as on of the best in the field of Tribal Art. His work has delighted countless collectors of Tribal art. Heavily influenced by futuristic themes and ancient cultures, his series of paintings entitled, "Angel Swarm", although contemporary, tends to remind the viewer of a time when mythical creatures roamed the earth. No matter the subject or whether the works are executed in stone, wood or on canvas - the texture, intense colors, strong emotion and unusual, nonlinear perspectives, are what define Hebron’s Work.

Although he has been trained as a draftsmen, and lithographer, Hebron is a self taught sculptor and has painted since he was a child.

He began his Professional art career working in research and development for Jetta Corp., when design on paper led to sculpting prototypes in clay and creating master molds for mass production. Hebron moved to Texas in 2003 where he began sculpting in stone. In 2004 Hebron founded the Msanii afro Centric Artist Collective a venue for African American visual artist, poets writers, dancers, and musicians to share Afro-centric art and culture with the world. In 2008 Hebron founded the Gevers Street Studio a multicultural, multidiscipline artist collective studio.

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My works explore the memory of man and the collective human conciousness. My works hovers in that space between how much we know about ourselves, our history, myths, legends and the unimaginable amount we have forgotten on this 100,000 year march into the future. I draw my inspiration from ancient objects found on archeological digs to the latest discoveries in science and technology. My goal is to draw you into that stream of consciousness that is human existence. The subject matter of

each piece determines the materials and the forms of the work. My work in wood and stone and clay are usually tribal pieces while I tend to use metal for modern/techno ideas and flights of fantasy are usually 2D. I often mix several of these mediums to express an idea.

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210 399 1812
718 S. Gevers
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San Antonio
United States

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Gevers Street Studio San Antonio ,TX: Founder ,Curator ,Lead Artist ,Moderator
A multicultural , multidiscipline artist co-op studio.Teach adult and youth classes. Oversee day to day functions. Co-ordinate projects and events. Run my personal studio.

Bellezza Marble:Artist
Created unique stone carving and sculptures . Worked with architects,
designers , and customers to create one of a kind work s of art. Coordinate
road shows and displays ,designed and maintained web site ,
04 / 03 to 07/09


College / University 1
Lagston University
College / University 2
Central State University

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