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Edinburgh, Scotland and Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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I'm a writer, a Life Coach for Artists, Writers, Musicians and other 'Creatives.' I've been working in the Human Potential field since the early 80's interspersed with stints in the film industry, teaching and instructing individuals and groups in personal professional and business development, networking and Psychology. I have Masters degrees in Clinical Psychology and Practical Spirituality, and was a successful staff member with 2 top ranked global training and development companies. I have spent 6 months this year based in Scotland, visiting family/friends in the Uk and Spain. I dance and take photos and am clear that life is a co-creative venture; that without others I am nothing. My intention is to cause others to have great, joyful and fulfilled lives that make a difference.

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+44 954-496-5700
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Ft. Lauderdale
United States

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Writing since 1994, published in local print media in Santa Barbara/Ventura, and anthologies.
Self published,collection of short stories and poems, Rope Burns and Other Stories, to be be re-released in Spring, 2011.

Publishing 'Untitled,' a collection of kick-ass aphorisms/images designed to wake you UP in space of time it takes you to sneeze. Early Spring 2011.
Miksang Photog Course, Feb 2011
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Winner of Bill Downey Scholarship Award for Santa Barbara Writers Conference 1997.


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Ednburgh University
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Antioch University
Graduation Year 2

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Leading a call " Wrap up 2010 so you can have a kickass 2011" today... 12 participants... planning more telecourses, Making Your Muse Work for YOU, Making Your Muse work for LIFE and Making Your Muse Work for MONEY in 2011, for artists, writers, musicians and other creatives... Excited!!
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I know, I've posted nothing, Nothing! Can I link to my blog, I wonder? And very soon a book filled with images/words.

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