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Posted by somonoce in Planet Blogs on Tuesday, 15 February 2011

an art blog for me?

its interesting thinking about myself as an artist the sixth grade, i knew i was going to be an artist. In art school I knew i did not want to be an art teacher, and by the time i finished with my degree, i had no idea how to be an artist outside of the school community i was leaving behind. ten years later i think i am beginning to understand how to be an artist and live my life every day (with small children) at the same time. some days i find myself longing for the supplies and facilities i had access to in school, and other days i think how lucky i am that my creative energy can be spent on what i'd like to make instead of fulfilling a profs requirement. i think i'm still in artist limbo, but i know how low i can go...and i'm on the way back up (hope so!)

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    Bethany Economos
    11 March 2011 at 08:56 |

    art books...are they made to be seen by others? or are they personal? would someone else ever look at it and see all that you see as the creator? would someone ever pay money for an art book? would they put it on display? or put it away and take it out to look at it from time to time as i do? could i stand to sell someone one of my art books? would it feel like a personal invasion to have it scrutinized? could someone really appreciate an art book that was photographed? would half the experience be lost if you don't hold it, touch it, open it, explore it in person?

  • a guest
    SEE ONE.FH...(C.Roca)
    07 December 2012 at 14:00 |

    nice to have someone out ther with similar feelin.iv been an artist my whole life...altho im not school tought i have made a liveing on and off of my art for sometime..not alot but most times enuff to get by..i have two children myself(custody single parent),and its really ruff becouse hear im tryen to constantly evolve artistically but material & media are at a cross roads,do i go back to school and get into a carrer i dnt want& will dread gettin uppeveryday to go to just to or do i keep struggleing to pay rent,bills & kids...everyone keeps pressureing me to work a regular job and just do art for free,i still do free art when its for myself or for a positive cause soo whats the problem??? idnt know??? any way, keep up your work!!! looks good

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