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What's Art Got to do with IT?

Posted by kym in Planet Blogs on Thursday, 18 November 2010

As we add members I find myself more & more excited about what is possible out here on Planet Visions.  I have this Vision of a Planet where ART RULES (creation the opposite of destruction).  I find myself asking Artists why they create.  Is it for them?  Is it for others? Do they even think about it?  Funny thing is that no matter why you create it impacts everything.  Basic Quantum Physics ... everything effects everything.  What others create impact you, what you create impacts others.  SO since we are impacting one another my curiosity runs wild ... how do you want to impact others?  I am all for TURNING IT UPSIDE DOWN.  Let me know what you think.

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    Dorian Vincent Scotti
    24 December 2010 at 09:46 |

    You're walking along in the woods, suddenly you see something that makes you stop in your tracks, something beautiful, maybe something you've never seen before. You try to take in all of it, and after a few moments you think. "Oh, I've got to show (name) this, she'll love it!" And you turn to go get her. For me, art is like this. I see beauty all around me and I want to share it with others. I believe if enough other people see the beauty in what I see as beautiful, maybe their sensitivity to the beauty that surrounds THEM will be finer tuned. I believe if that happens enough then the world will improve. Instead of destruction, which is often ignorance, many will come to appreciate the beauty that is around them. The more aware they become, the more they can appreciate diversity - which would lead to more understanding, more appreciation, less destruction. Creativity is a divine act. When you pick up your pen, your brush, camera, stone chisel, you are engaging in something truly divine. Something with the power to touch others, to change lives, to improve the world. I could argue that this is the purpose for us being here. It certainly is one of our noblest pursuits. When someone connects with one of my paintings, something in it connects with something inside of them. I believe at that moment they are in communion with that spirit of divinity I was in when I created the painting. The more often I can affect this in others, the more I can open up something inside of them, something appreciative, something accepting, something expansive. I don't know about you, but the more I can do this, the more successful I feel as an artist.

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      SEE ONE.FH...(C.Roca)
      07 December 2012 at 14:05 |

      great thinking...

  • a guest
    Steve Ventura
    25 December 2010 at 15:28 |

    very well put

  • a guest
    08 January 2011 at 10:11 |

    Dorian ... I am so present to the sacredness of the task of sharing our work. I spent years creating "for me" (really I just never thought my art would make any difference for anyone else & worse yet that they would reject it somehow). I would madly create & pile the photos up in my darkroom & the paintings up behind my couch & the poems were left in journal after journal. One day I remember standing in front of a piece of art in a gallery & something about it had moved me ... there were tears rolling down my otherwise pretty cool face & I was connected to something (my own experience of being alive, the artists, humanity, who knows what) about that time these two people walked up & were standing next to me looking at the same painting & began making some remarks about how "my 5 year old could do that blah blah blah" ... it was a weird profound moment for me. If that painting could move me the something of mine might move someone else ... and there would always be people who got nothing but so what?

    Everything altered ... I now could create & take my art out in the world for that one "Kym" that might get moved in some way whether to tears or laughter .. it didn't even matter how they were moved just that someone, anyone might at some moment experience any emotion, any memory, any release & feel connected in some way ... a connection that would take them for even a second out of the human experience of being all alone that we all seem to carry around with us in the background all the time.

    We have something to do here for sure. There is no mistake that out of the 6.8 billion people in the world we are the ones creating ...

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      SEE ONE.FH...(C.Roca)
      07 December 2012 at 14:13 |

      wow thought i was alone...motivating..

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    Coralie AKA mrsroadrunner
    01 February 2011 at 14:26 |

    Good questions! I think this is my first post ever in this web site??

    "I find myself asking Artists why they create. Is it for them? Is it for others? Do they even think about it?"
    First thing is, I do it for myself. I am selfish that way! I have given things away that I created. Flowers to my childrens teacher made from different materials, photographs, crocheted items, beaded/leather items, drawings etc.... all my life art has been a part of my life.

    Though now I concentrate on photographs. I enjoy stopping a little moment in time. The memories of whatever photograph washes over me and I relive the experience. I enjoy this to no end!
    For me to show these personal experiences with others is truly not as easy as some think. Other artists understand this, while the general public I do not think they really understand how hard it is to take something that we feel is a part of ourselves and hand it over to another person to critique.
    When we sale something it is like someone saying to us that they like our work so much they are willing to buy it. This feels really good. Specially when some people do not have family members who are behind them. I am so grateful I have family who are behind me and build up my confidence when I am down or thinking what on earth am I doing showing such things to the public?
    Artist are a different breed. We "feel" and act upon our feelings. We see things in our own way, and express our feelings in whatever form of art we choose. Some of us are "quirky", some of us are down right "odd" to society, but history has shown us that this is ok. It is ok to be different, it is ok to feel.
    If it were not for art of any form, what a lonely planet this would be! I have passed this down to my children and now I have two out of my three children who express themselves through art too!

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