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NOW is the time!

Posted by kym in Planet Blogs on Saturday, 28 March 2015.

I started this site back in 2010.  It was a dream of mine ... to connect with other artists ... to provide a space where we could get our art out into the world, to make a difference by bringing creation vs. destruction to this planet. Over the years incredible artists people have joined (THANK YOU) and I have been up to coaching artists and keeping the site running ... other work, other things have taken up my time ... my dream for Planet Visions has been living but not ALIVE!  But NOW it is time to EXPAND to FULL BLOWN, OUTRAGEOUS living breathing LIFE! 

Maybe some of you have done the same thing with your dreams, your art, your VISIONS ... maybe you have had things on pause ... maybe you havn't even started ... maybe you have started and quit.  It doesn't make any difference what has happened before this moment of NOW!

NOW is what matters & now is the perfect time to begin ... creating newly, fulfilling on your dreams, pushing your visions out into the world.  What do you REALLY want?   Do you have it?  Do you dare even define it? 

I am ready ... you will be hearing a lot more from me ... time to take THIS dream and fulfill on it like I have many of my other dreams.  NO dreams left out!

We have all of these precious moments ... we can wait or we can be in ACTION NOW!  We can live or we can be ALIVE!  WE can have ALL of our dreams fulfilled or we can just have some fo them ... I am ready for ALL of mine.

How about you? What do you need to light the fire & bring LIFE to the game?  

Share with me ... I'd love to hear from you ...


Posted by somonoce in Planet Blogs on Tuesday, 15 February 2011.

an art blog for me?

its interesting thinking about myself as an artist the sixth grade, i knew i was going to be an artist. In art school I knew i did not want to be an art teacher, and by the time i finished with my degree, i had no idea how to be an artist outside of the school community i was leaving behind. ten years later i think i am beginning to understand how to be an artist and live my life every day (with small children) at the same time. some days i find myself longing for the supplies and facilities i had access to in school, and other days i think how lucky i am that my creative energy can be spent on what i'd like to make instead of fulfilling a profs requirement. i think i'm still in artist limbo, but i know how low i can go...and i'm on the way back up (hope so!)

What's Art Got to do with IT?

Posted by kym in Planet Blogs on Thursday, 18 November 2010.

As we add members I find myself more & more excited about what is possible out here on Planet Visions.  I have this Vision of a Planet where ART RULES (creation the opposite of destruction).  I find myself asking Artists why they create.  Is it for them?  Is it for others? Do they even think about it?  Funny thing is that no matter why you create it impacts everything.  Basic Quantum Physics ... everything effects everything.  What others create impact you, what you create impacts others.  SO since we are impacting one another my curiosity runs wild ... how do you want to impact others?  I am all for TURNING IT UPSIDE DOWN.  Let me know what you think.
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