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2015 is OUR Year ... WHO wants to JOIN me?

Posted by kym in Announcements on Saturday, 28 March 2015.

Have you noticed how quickly the earth is spinning?   How high the vibration is?   How much energy is pouring in?

It is time for some massive creation and WE are the ones to bring that creation forward!

PLANET VISIONS is READY to take things to a new level to match the intensity of the planetary vibrations!  Have ideas, want to partner with us, want to be on the ground floor as we take everything to the next level?  We are ready for some fresh ideas and new people to play with.

Contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Posted by kym in Announcements on Wednesday, 12 January 2011.

Nowhere to go but up!

We are committed to making in REAL difference in for YOU. While we will keep adding features to the site no amount of features by themselves will that you & the business of your art to the next level.  Every successful businessperson and athlete knows that they need a coach to fulfill on their dreams.  A coach is someone who can not only see what is missing for you but guide you on how to put in what is missing and produce breakthroughs with you that you simply will not produce on your own.  As Artists many of you have been bumping up against the same walls or just eking out small incremental improvements over months & years of work. Want breakthroughs, ready for giant leaps?  Then it is time to invest in you through hiring a coach.

Planet Visions has been working on finalizing partnerships with several different coaches to provide a variety of coaching opportunities for you.  We now have individual coaching & group coaching available. We also have a range of types of coaches & prices from very high-end coaches (willing to take on a coach with a track record of altering people's whole lives in 1 hour?) to more general programs that produce a specific result over time.

How do you get it NOW?  Go to the FIND RESOURCES Section ... find the white box near the bottom about Coaching ... Click through, Browse what we currently have available, PICK ONE &   REGISTER.  We are VERY excited about the difference this is going to make in you life, your Art the business of your Art.

COUNTDOWN to 100 COMPLETE on 12/31/10

Posted by kym in Announcements on Tuesday, 14 December 2010.

In the afternoon of 12/31/10 WE HIT OUR 100th Member.  We jumped up & down & then immediately turned on the Membership fees & uploaded a series of upgrades to the site to celebrate!... Uber Artist & Art Business Partner Memberships now range from $18.95 (yearly membership) per month to $24.95 (month-by-month) per month. Roam around the site ... you will see new things now i.e. you can connect to facebook & we have hooked up with Amazon & Dick Blick as a beginning of providing you with resources ... NEXT: THE MARKET goes up so you can see prints .... leading up to finally selling original works ... STAY TUNED!
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