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How a Newly Imitated Painting is made to look like the Old Original Painting?

By nehagupta

Art collectors often buy art online through auctions. Yet, most of the novice art collectors are unaware of the fact that the world of online art is full of malicious art counterfeiters who leave no stone unturned in hoodwinking them.

Hence, this blog will help all of those who buy art online or offline in spotting these art forgers as herein, you will get to know the tricks that these art imitators use to make a recently replicated version of an old and known painting look like the original one. Read this to know for yourself how you can examine them, so the next time you buy one, you are able to ascertain its authenticity.

What forgers do?

  • They cut old frames and place them around the fake painting in order to amplify the original antique look of the painting. Besides this, they also use other aging techniques like spraying, staining etc.
  • The forgers often stick papers at the back of the painting to conceal any imperfections or inconsistencies.
  • The fraudsters also copy the signature of the artist on the replicated version of the old original paintings.
  • They bring fake certificates of authenticity and other similar documents that help them in proving the fake painting to be an original.
  • They sell the prints or lithographs of original paintings that are made using advanced technologies. These digital prints are so precise that they look like a real copy.

How you can examine?

  • You should look at the corner joints carefully to check if they have been recently cut. You can also look at the framing carefully to know the frame has been sprayed or has the real aging effects.
  • The back of the painting is more important than the front when it comes to figuring out the originality of a painting. Hence, you should always inspect the back of the painting, if the painting is papered from the back, ask the seller to take it off. If he refrains from doing so, don’t pay heed to any of his excuses and move right away.
  • If a painting has the signature of the artist done with an ink or pencil, the chances of it being a fake one increases.
  • Remember, the COAs and other documents are not required for proving the originality of a painting, you should always ask the seller for showing a valid receipt of sale or purchase.
  • Deciding the genuineness of any artwork is really difficult by making a visual assessment, especially, if the painting is under the glass. You should always check the painting with the help of a magnifying glass. By acutely looking at the presence or absence of brush stroke, you will be able to figure out, if the painting is a digital, print or an original.

When you buy extraordinary art online, you should never overlook the aforementioned points, so as to ensure that you are always on a safer side.

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