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About me
Joseph M. Chirum is a contemporary metaconceptual Artist. Joe Chirum grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the shadows of Art giant Andy Warhol. The Artist earned a Philosophy B.A. and a Religious Studies B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University in 2004.

In 2004, the Artist moved to Eugene, Oregon, following in the footsteps of Art pioneers Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. In 2007, the Artist received a life changing Art Vision, in which information regarding the Art market Bubble and its interconnections to the current global Economic crisis became apparent through involvements of Hedge Funds in the Art Market, and complex derivitives and financial innovations, which nobody understands, and which are not open to public visibility, as well as the extreme opacity of the Art Markt.

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1430 Willamette St. # 584
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My Art business is named " Sun and Rain Works ".

My name is Joseph M. Chirum, and i am an American Contemporary Artist.

My primary Art business website is :

At the moment, my work is largely unknown, however, that could all change within Time and Space. My artistic influences include Duchamp, Pollock, LeWitt, Picasso, Warhol, Hirst, Fraser, Emin, Quinn, and many others. I am helping to turn the page in Art History, as we are well overdue for an Art Paradigm Shift.

I have about a dozen or so Analog works in various mediums, which are ready for showing. The Art that I Create is so Ultra Contemporary, that it was imperative that a new term be coined to describe it, as Conceptual Art is not quite adequate, so in turn, it has in turn been coined MetaConceptual Art.

Some of The Defining characteristics of Metaconceptual Art are:

1. A returning of the Formless to Form (Art).
2. An examination of the commodification of Art, and its relationship to the current global economic crisis.
3. An examination of the power structures and network of the elite ' Art World ' and ' Art Institutions '.
4. An Archaeology of the Art World , and Art History.
5. The interplay of Time and Space.
6. Transcendance of medium to arrive within the collective consciousness.
7. The blurring of the boundaries between Art World insiders and Outsiders.
8. The blurring of the boundaries between Art and Life.

Most recently I have created a new Art based in a previously unexplored Art medium, Web Art, which is entirely fitting and timely for the 21st Century. The organic, interactive, collective, growing, and living website was created as an ultra contemporary Metaconceptual Art Work. #WikiOccupy . Don't wait Ten years to ask yourself what was the cutting edge contemporary Art of 2011. See for yourself, It is ongoing through Time and Space.

In May of 2009 I auctioned a previously unknown original Ansel Adams photograph as an act of Performance Metaconceptual Art with Sotheby's N.y.c.. The photograph, which was originally commissioned by " The American Trust Company " , before they were transformed into " Wells Fargo Bank ", taken by Ansel Adams from the top of "Twin Peaks", is representative of the vast horizon and Art Historical precedent for this Art. The Auctioning of the photograph of " SanFrancisco from Twin Peaks" in the Sotheby's photograph auction of May 19, Lot 16., occured as a Art Performance Act of Contemporary Metaconceptual Art. (see above characteristics of the genre )

If you have any interest in viewing my analog works, i have included a portfolio. As an emerging Artist, naturally my Artistic output, and availability of supplies, including high grade digital cameras limit the image quality of some of the images. High Resolution is available upon request. My art based business "Sun and Rain Works" frequently experiences bottlenecks in Artistic production incurred from a lack of Art patronage, however the unlimited Creative potential of the Universe has no deficiency of Artistic Vision. Art History must move on, and Now is the Time.

Yours in Art,

Joseph M. Chirum


#MetaConceptual Art

p.s. At this time , , and are NFS, as the marketplace has yet to be established in 21st century metaconceptual cyber Art, if it is not indeed " Priceless ", and in addition, they are Art Works in progress. The focus of my email, is on the "analog" metaconceptual Art which i have included image attachments of. There are others available upon request, or commission. Feel free to ask about other Art Works, and, or High Resolution of any particular Art Works.

All the Best

" Sun and Rain Works "

" It's the stuff Life is made out of ! "

I will be in L.A. for one day around the 7th of December.
Prizes & Awards
2012 Helping Art Historians of the Future, to Keep their Employment, Here and Now Award


College / University 1
The Pennsylvania State University
Graduation Year 1

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