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I’m a professional artist and art educator. The creation and refinement of my unique style has been something I’ve spent decades perfecting my craft and unique style with its whimsical humour, textural sensitivity and vibrant sense of colour. Although I’m a current resident of Sydney, Australia, I was born and raised in Omsk, Russia. As a result of this mixed culture, my aim has been to blend my eclectic background in European art, experiences, and classics with the fresh Australian colours of both life and nature I’ve come to find.

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New South Wales
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1983 - 1997 - Lecturer in Fine Arts, specialising in Painting, Graphics, Art History/Theory - State University, Omsk, Russia

1997 - Professional Artist and Art Educator @ Yelena Dyumin Art


College / University 1
Graduated with First Class Honours, Master of Fine Arts (Painting), State University, Omsk. Russia
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Advanced Master Course, Fine Arts - I. E. Repin State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and
Graduation Year 2

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‘Painting is not what I do; it is who I am.’

Artwork is, by its very nature, a by-product of the way we think and feel.

I am a ‘creative type’: I feel truly balanced only when immersed in the creative act. I believe that artistic creativity is an innate character trait rather than an acquired skill. In this sense, I was born an artist.

The my soul. And with this soul I inspire and become inspired. The what we all aspire to create and this art speaks a multitude of languages.

My paintings represent an outward expression of the blend of my inner thoughts and emotions with the physical world in which we all live. Vibrant colours and a strong design sense co-exist with humour and compassion to create varied pieces with a universal and timeless appeal.

The all I am and proudly all I shall remain.
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