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Ozark Arkansas
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to me life is like a tapestry and each of us are a thread...together we weave strands beautiful strands through what we call life...everyone of these threads are esential...if one comes unravelled the whole thing becomes reduced to a meaningless pile of string...each one of us are here at this time and age of man, on this planet of this era of darkness for our planet...we each have something to contribute, whether we think we do or not...and sometimes we don't even realize who how or how many people we have helped...and yes sometimes people don't want help...and sometimes it's iritating...but we each have to learn whatever it is we are here for...and it's not easy watching people repeat their mistakes...or to let others struggle with something...but sometimes the harshest teachers are the only ones who can teach a lesson...for instance the first time you touched a flame it hurt and that pain is what taught you that fire burns...harsh teacher...important lesson...instantly taught..the question is, is your cup half full...or half empty...and even more importantly...are you drinking from your cup...or from someone yourself you can love others...make yourself your you can help others...and keep your glow that others can see where their going

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613 Dickson Street
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Heber Springs
United States

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I've completed and self published one full length book, and three chapbooks. I recently completed a collection of poetry and short stories, and am actively seeking a conventional publisher to release it. I've written, performed, produced, and recorded one hip hop album, and several spoken word singles. My paintings are represented by Main Street Art Gallery in Heber Springs, AR currently.


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  • Merge (a spoken word poem)

    Added to Easy Listening, Experimental, Vocal, on Tuesday, 14 May 2013

  • Sex equals rage (a spoken word poem)

    Added to Hip Hop, Native American, Vocal, on Sunday, 19 May 2013

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